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The Real Wealth of New York City


Amy Begg, Director of Research, Harvard University and Anne Brownlee, Senior Director of Research, Yeshiva University, led a session at the Association for Professional Researchers Association’s 2013 Annual Conference that was rated outstanding. Although it addressed specific sources of wealth in NYC, the presentation will also be useful to researchers that assess wealth of prospects who live in other major cities with similar characteristics.

Conference handouts are available to APRA members.

“New York City is home to some of the wealthiest people in the world. How do you find and understand their wealth? In this session we will cover the complexities of NYC real estate — including the co-op mysteries — and define the lifestyles of these potential prospects. We will discuss the philanthropic and financial pressures of NYC wealth and how to present a strategic plan for fundraisers.”

Selected Articles of Interest

“Soaring Charges Hit Condo, Co-op Owners” Crain’s New York Business, 2/23/09.

“It Happened One Weekend”, Curbed, 3/9/09

“There’s a Problem With Your Application” New York Magazine, 3/30/09.

“Robin Hood Event Adjusts to Tough Times” New York Times 5/12/09.

“Manhattan Apartment Prices Skid 13%-19% in Q2”, Associated Press, 7/2/09.


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