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Does AI Have a Role in Major Gifts?

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By David Lawson, Co-Founder & CEO, NewSci, LLC

There is no more human of an action than giving time and treasure to help people who you have never met and for benefits you may never receive. It has been proven this act releases pleasure chemicals in our brain, making it something we want to do again and again.

Lower level giving relies on this fact of biology to bring in donations through the mail, on-line, events, and kettles. This serves as the base of the giving pyramid.

Major gifts is perched atop this pyramid, demonstrating year after year that no sector on earth can monetize a relationship better than our own. Name another industry as capable of using value-based pricing. You can’t…
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The Power of Big Data: Why the Numbers Matter


By Jessica Sochol, Digital Content Strategist, Relationship Science

Any seasoned nonprofit fundraiser knows that recruiting and developing donor relationships requires a mix of hard and soft skills. Traditionally, the emphasis is on the soft: articulating the cause, recruiting supporters, inspiring passion and building relationships. As data about donors and marketing analytics becomes more plentiful, more minutely examined and more widely accessible, it’s no surprise that organizations are now also appreciating the importance of numbers in addition to handshakes when finding ways to increase their impact. Read more