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Learning Relationships, Love and Becoming a Major Gifts Fundraising Organization

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By Gil Israeli, Director of Prospect Research and Senior Writer, American Technion Society

What is one critical difference between an organization that has raised several major gifts and the organization that continuously raises major gifts… maintaining a growing major gifts program?

In brief,  the latter nurtures longevity in all its relationships and understands that longevity is the key to nurturance. And, specifically, it is learning relationships that elevate organizations to raise major gifts.

Today, having a major gifts fundraising program has become one of the outstanding priorities (and sometimes wish) of many fundraising organizations. After all, you can spend two years raising small gifts of $5,000 to meet a $1,000,000 campaign goal, or, you can cultivate the same number of prospects all with $50,000 to $100,000 gift potential and target a much higher campaign goal.

The strategy to achieving this requires multiple developments in your company culture and a confluence of three critical persons in your operation: board members (which includes prospects/donors and volunteers), fundraisers and researchers. A healthy web of relationships here bears directly not only on your annual fundraising revenue but also on the robustness (and sometimes the longevity of your organization).

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Taking the Strategic Path to Grantseeking Success

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By John Hicks, President and CEO, J. C. Geever, Inc.

Two of the biggest challenges grant seekers face are:

  1. choosing which foundations to approach and
  2. deciding how much to ask.

This article presents a framework for a strategic approach to grantseeking that may well help you save time and produce better results for your effort.

First, I recommend that you build a gift table based on the need for private sector support as shown in your budget. Building the gift table will enable you to:

  • Set ask amounts easily
  • Prioritize your solicitations from the top down
  • Show the potential donor how his gift fits into the overall fund-raising plan

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