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Please feel free to post your responses.

FC welcomes your own longer original posts – from a few paragraphs to something
such as an article, which will be published on the site.

Fundraising is broadly interpreted: you may work in a large Development
operation or be an individual (and not circumscribed by walls) such as a documentary maker, etc.

Some ideas that you may like to use as jumping boards:

  • Planned Giving in the current economy.
  • How to estimate a prospect’s net worth in a mercurial economy?
  • Market volatility, Madoff and the recovering economy:
    what’s the new normal in fundraising?
  • The government budget, politics and funding for, e.g., NSF, NIH, NASA, CDC, NEA, NEH, etc.
  • How do we make databases better serve our needs?
  • How are entrepreneurs changing philanthropy?
  • We suffered a hit in 2008. Here’s what we did to stay alive and competitive.
  • How do you grow a major gifts program?
  • Campaign planning in the new-normal world.
  • Fundraising versus/with/and/viz a viz Friend-raising. You choose the relation(s).
  • Is there a new psychological profile to the American “millionaire next door” and the mega-gift donor?
  • The other departments: programs and public relations.
    How does your organization make it all work together?
  • Turn-over and the lack of qualified major gift officers. How do you build a viable long-term operation?
  • Key needs in the US: STEM and the K-12 and higher education system.
  • The newer sciences: nanotechnology, stem cells, biotechnology. Where are we?
  • Analyze new (and also not so new) areas of philanthropy that involve our environment, e.g., climate change, world hunger, lack of clear water resources, clean sustainable energy, etc.
  • Book reviews of recent releases as relevant to multiple fundraising topics.
  • A review of speaker’s excellent conference presentation (for example, AFP, APRA, CASE).


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