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Posts from the ‘TO SUBMIT’ Category

Welcome to your site! About submissions…

From the editor:

Please feel free to post your responses!

FC welcomes your own longer original posts – from a few paragraphs to something such as an article, which will be published on the site.

Fundraising is broadly interpreted: you may work in a large Development operation or be an individual (and not circumscribed by walls) such as a documentary maker, etc.

Some ideas, from the technical to strategic to societal, that you may like to use as jumping boards:

  • How to estimate a prospect’s net worth in a mercurial economy?
  • Market volatility, Madoff and the recovering economy: what’s the new normal in fundraising?
  • The government budget, politics and funding for, e.g., NSF, NIH, NASA, CDC, NEA, NEH, etc.
  • How do we make databases better serve our needs?
  • Read more