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Timely Tweets: Real Time Marketing in the Fundraising Industry

birds_tweeting 091113

By Ethan Fenton, Chief Conversation Starter, iWave Information Systems

Can you guess what Zombies and Oreos have in common? The answer might surprise you: the commonality between the two has to do with the recently popularized practice of “Real Time Marketing.” Real time marketing is an on-the-fly marketing approach that promotes products or brands by associating them with trendy events in hopes of exploiting the event’s popularity for profitable gain and is a unique by-product of the Social Media revolution. In this world of “push notifications” it has become increasingly important for companies and organizations to communicate with… Read more

How Media Raises Fundraising.

BirdsNestFdtn 052313

By Avis Richards, CEO and Founder, Birds Nest Foundation

Few forces can equal the power of media in today’s global society. Whether it be on the big screen, at a film festival, a Public Service Announcement, televised news (and its variants including investigative reporting and news-entertainment shows), or for in-house use, we’re a society that now necessitates video content. In turn,video content is the fastest, and most efficient way to spread information, to educate, and to raise awareness.

A couple of years ago, technology revolutions began to upend the film industry. Cheaper cameras, the shift from celluloid to digital media, and the development of internet-based distribution democratized the industry, and the cost to make a video fell dramatically. This democratization has led to an explosion of new media from every cat owner to amateur filmmaker. That’s when I first saw an opportunity to work with charities to help them develop a voice… Read more