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The Foundation Center has launched the next generation of IssueLab

By Mark Foley, Manager, Associates Program, Foundation Center

Announcement of new service:

The Foundation Center has launched the next generation of IssueLab, a web site that provides free and open access to resources that analyze the world’s most pressing social, economic, and environmental challenges and their potential solutions. The platform contains more than 11,000 documents and represents one of the largest collections of social sector knowledge, spanning 40 issues areas, from agriculture to immigration to welfare. Read more

Welcome to your site! About submissions…

From the editor:

Please feel free to post your responses!

FC welcomes your own longer original posts – from a few paragraphs to something such as an article, which will be published on the site.

Fundraising is broadly interpreted: you may work in a large Development operation or be an individual (and not circumscribed by walls) such as a documentary maker, etc.

Some ideas, from the technical to strategic to societal, that you may like to use as jumping boards:

  • How to estimate a prospect’s net worth in a mercurial economy?
  • Market volatility, Madoff and the recovering economy: what’s the new normal in fundraising?
  • The government budget, politics and funding for, e.g., NSF, NIH, NASA, CDC, NEA, NEH, etc.
  • How do we make databases better serve our needs?
  • Read more